Studio Mitchell 3D visualisation and animation

This CGI 3D animated vehicle, the Austin Mini Van demonstrates how CGI 3D really can replace live footage. Many current television commercials use CGI vehicles such as the “Audi Sharper Drive”  click here to view. These type of commercials blur the lines between what is real and what is CGI.

CGI provides both the client and the creative team with more options. Modifications to the product or the brief normally would be costly. This would be a problem if it were a completed live shoot but easily rectified in CGI. The inherent flexibility also transfers into cost savings, no need for locations shoots and costly crew. Hard to achieve shots can often require drone or helicopter footage. CGI can recreate these shots effortlessly. CGI 3D animated footage is an option worth considering to achieve the look you need.

Studio Mitchell produce photorealistic animation and still images of vehicles whether that’s cars, tanks, boats or planes. We can create the vehicle in natural environments or even photographic studios.

Armortek utilise this method of media creation for their amazing 1/6th scale all metal kits. The CGI images we create for Armortek give the appearance of being shot in a photographers studio, a traditional product shot. Armortek originally built costly prototypes for photography which were both costly and time consuming. These CGI 3D images provide Armortek with the means to market their products ahead of production.  Check out the armortek visualisation here.

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Gill Watkins, Armortek
Studio Mitchell produce CGI photorealistic images for Armortek which have improved our marketing beyond our expectations. Mark at Studio Mitchell continues to provide us with ongoing support and creative ideas second to none. We would have no hesitation in recommending him.

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