Animation and Illustration

This 3D explainer animation by Studio Mitchell was commissioned by Volt loudspeakers. This is an animation promoting their Radial Speaker product. Working closely with Volt Studio Mitchell created accurate models of the renowned radial speaker and a generic competitor speaker. The speakers are tested in a high tech futuristic 3D environment. The CGI animated tests reflect real life problems that sound studio encounter when a speaker unit gets too hot ultimately causing a speaker failure. Volts clever technology draws heat away from the unit keeping the speaker cooler and working constantly for longer. Special 3D techniques were utilised in this move such as ‘Sound Effectors’ to move the speaker in time with the music amplifying the movement of the 3D mesh where the sound is louder. Post production effects include the airflow animation and HUD graphics on the screen.

Whats an explainer animation?

In brief, an explainer animation is a short, eye-catching animated video that summarise the most important aspects of your product. It’s still quite a new solution in marketing, but it is gaining popularity across many industries and their products and services. These animations can be shown on Social Media, your website or other delivery systems.

The power of visual delivery lies in the ease in which they can impact the viewer’s mood and leave an impression that stays much longer than it would after a text is read or simply scanned. Video is very efficient at selling even abstract ideas this way. Animation gives you a powerful tool through a language based on visuals alone.

The product description such as Volts was on several complicated PowerPoint slides. The Animation created by Studio Mitchell delivered an entertaining informative video which covered all the points in just over 60 seconds.

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  • Cat Lyth - Director, Volt Loudspeakers

    We've had a very positive experience working with Studio Mitchell. We needed an animation that concisely showed how a product worked and also explained the technical knowledge behind its design. Studio Mitchell came up with a fresh and current look for the animation and then worked extremely hard to create a 3D version of our product that moved as accurately as possible. Studio Mitchell recommended a local copywriter as we were struggling to condense text, who was excellent, and Studio Mitchell was also happy for us to find and create the audio for the animation. Completing this project has taken a long time, but we are really pleased with the result and fully appreciate Studio Mitchell's patience with the many tweaks we made to get the result and level of realism that we wanted. Studio Mitchell's work is of a very high quality and Mark's knowledge and ideas are on point. We wouldn't hesitate to use Studio Mitchell again.