2D Motion Graphics


What is 2D Motion Graphics film?

Working in a creative business one can sometimes forget that our clients may not know this term.  Motion graphics are computer graphics (sometimes referred to as ‘mograph’) which are animated digital footage that create a sense of motion, and are usually combined with audio for use in digital multimedia projects. … This is a cost-effective alternative to 3D film. Perfect at communicating directly with your viewer, adding greater depth visually to any narrative.

How is 2D Motion Graphics film used?

Television title sequence

The main title sequence for Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can movie is a great example of well-thought-out visuals mixed with restrained typography. Kuntzel + Deygas stylistically transfer the handmade design of the legendary Saul Bass using the modern animation tools of today. Accompanied by John Williams’ progressive jazz score which is so classy and catchy, the duo’s title sequence for Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can is a fine example of the art.

Creating awareness with motion graphics

The Exeter University historical awareness video combines mograph animation with a voiceover to share historical facts about the University. It’s all about the history but presenting it in a manner which is engaging to the viewer. Sometimes, the simplest concept can illustrate a story in a more direct way, the timeline helps the viewer follow the historical journey while adding rich content to complement the narration.

We can use simple motion graphics in your awareness, motivational and explainer videos. Studio Mitchell craft powerful stories and use animation to support them.

Explaining a concept with a motion graphic

Mograph is great for creating powerful explainer videos. Social media advertise these videos on their channels which are very effective in raising a brand’s profile. Midvision used motion graphics to illustrate its product points and show the concept in action. It’s an effective way to support a concept because it can help the viewer visualise it in a way a presentation can’t.

Next time you create an explainer video, consider using mograph to support a point or to help the viewer see the information you share in a different way such as through visual animated metaphors.

Enhancing a product video with motion graphic animation

Product videos are a great way to get your product in front of customers and increase sales. Studio Mitchell combines 2D Mograph with 3D animation that is fun, entertaining and engaging. Good product explainer videos help simplify complex ideas or processes such as this one for Brotherwood


Does 2D Motion Graphics fit your project brief?

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