Stand out from your competitors with
3d Animation

What are the benefits of 3D animation? Simply put these significant strengths provide our clients with a greater flexibility in realising their marketing concepts. These concepts might be filming a boat at sea which hasn’t even left the drawing table or a car transformation in a matter of seconds. These types of film content would require film crews, possibly a helicopter and let’s face it, good weather! With 3D animation we can create the footage for a fraction of the the cost, with much less fuss and rain isn’t a problem!

You’ve dreamed of it, we’ll make it!

The skies the limit! What you dream up, we can create and animate in 3D. We craft photorealistic models of products which blur the lines between reality and imitation. Our clients find the production process easy to follow,  we provide a clear road map through the films development with frequent communication. Animated marketing videos are a proven way to present product information which can often be difficult to explain by traditional video. One other aspect of 3D animation that shouldn’t be forgotten – once we’ve modeled your product or character, we can reuse them in an infinite amount of new projects for you, which will save you both time and resources. Why doubt the benefits of 3D animation?

The Benefits of 3D animation? 

With 3D animation you can clearly communicate through the moving image product features that are very difficult if not impossible to replicate with live action filming. It is recognised that people also prefer to learn through watching films/ videos. 9 out of ten times the user will choose video over written documentation.

Entertain them

3D animation has the potential to be very entertaining. A humorous enjoyable animation is more likely to promote receptive retention of information and sharing of this with family or friends. Social media sharing is the fuel that increases your chances of the animation promoting your products.

So how much will this cost?

You’re interested in taking the next step? Why not check out our animation quote tool for a ballpark figure of animation production.

3D animation and motion graphics are a proven method of boosting your product or brand. Especially on Social media platforms

A large part of the 3D animation and motion graphics we create are distributed through streaming services such as Vimeo or directly from clients websites

View on mobile or desktop devices. The reach potential for your media is unlimited. Our 3D animated videos are platform independent running on Mac or PC

For many of our client this may be their first ever commission of an animation. This in itself can be daunting. Studio Mitchell understand this and take care of the client at every stage of the process

Our 3D Animation receives industry recognition

Studio Mitchell’s work features on Maxon Cinema 4D UK showreels amongst other industry recognition for outstanding 3D animation. Follow the link below to view the reels in our blog. . . Maxon C4D 2015 UK showreel
Maxon C4D 2016 Motion Graphics showreel
Maxon C4D 2016 UK showreel
Maxon C4D 2017 UK showreel

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