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We regularly work with complimentary professional service providers such as music, voiceover and film footage. Here on this page you can find samples from our two resident male and female voiceover artist talent together with links to the main free and paid media resources that we use in our film production. Several of the images on this page have been sourced from free media websites.

Female Voiceover Artist Sophie Hein Schrier

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Studio Mitchell partner with Sophie Hein Schrier

Sophie is a British female voiceover artist located in Gloucestershire, UK.  A versatile female voice: can be authoritative, friendly, soothing, serious, fun or sexy.  Mother-tongue English (RP) and French, plus convincing Australian accent and character voices.  Nearly 30 years’ experience of radio and TV presenting, TV and radio commercials (Pizza Hut, Aussie hair products etc), telephone banking (State Bank Mauritius), airline safety videos (BA), continuity, recorded telephone messages, news anchor and reporter (BBC World Service), TV trailers (BBC), corporate videos, educational material and drama (Open University), foreign language dubbing (Max Mara), beauty pageant compere, cartoon and computer game voices, (children’s) audiobooks, and documentary narration.


Sophie’s talent in languages and accents are drawn from her English, French background but she is also very capable in Italian and German. More broadly, with her linguistic background, Sophie has a good ear for both English and foreign accents which she can replicate accurately. Having lived in Shanghai for several years Sophie can also speak Mandarin.


If you are interested in combining Studio Mitchells animation with Sophies voiceover talents you can obtain a ball park estimated cost here by using our online production calculator.

Male Voiceover Artist Oli Hein

voiceover artist

Image courtesy of Jonathan Velasquez (Unsplash)

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Studio Mitchell partner with Oli Hein

Oli Hein is a British male voiceover artist located in Gloucestershire, UK. His past experience includes, Radio and TV presenter in Mauritius, where he first gained his professional experience in voiceovers.

Clients describe Oli’s voice variously as ‘soothing’, ‘persuasive’, ‘confident’, ‘engaging’, ‘the right level of playful’ with ‘crystal clear enunciation’.


Oli’s particular skill is in languages and accents. Being half-Mauritian, he was brought up trilingual in English, French and Mauritian Creole. He also has a degree in Slavonic Studies, and is also fluent in Spanish with a good grasp of German. More broadly, with his linguistic background, he has a good ear for both English and foreign accents which he can replicate accurately. These include (but are not limited to):

English – neutral; Australian (urban and non-urban); New Zealand; French native speaker; German native speaker
French – Parisian; Mauritian

With his linguistic training, Oli is comfortable using words and sounds of almost all Indo-European languages.


If you are interested in combining Studio Mitchells animation with Olis voiceover talents you can obtain a ball park estimated cost here by using our online production calculator.

AI Video Presenter

Studio Mitchell is paving the way for the future of video presentations with their groundbreaking AI video presenter. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the company is providing clients with a unique and revolutionary way to engage with their audience.

The AI video presenter has a number of advantages over traditional methods of video presentations. First, it can be used to create highly personalized and targeted presentations with minimal effort. This can be especially helpful for those who don’t have the time or the resources to create a full-fledged traditional video.

Secondly, the AI video presenter has the potential to save companies time and money. By utilising the AI video presenter, companies can avoid the cost and time of creating a full-fledged traditional video. This means that companies can save on costs associated with filming, editing, and distribution.

In conclusion, the AI video presenter is a revolutionary and innovative solution that Studio Mitchell is offering to their clients. It has the potential to save companies time and money, while also providing a highly engaging experience for their audiences. The AI video presenter is paving the way for the future of video presentations and is sure to become an integral part of many businesses’ strategies moving forward.

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Stock Footage

Image courtesy of @bransd&people (

We are a creative media content contributor and also a consumer of the Pond 5 media. This rich source of film, animation and audio content is our go-to source of cost effective music and footage.

We can also offer bespoke film footage and composed music scores but this is dependent on budget considerations.

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FREE Stock Images and Video

Image courtesy of @fauxels (

There are numerous FREE stock photographic libraries on the internet. We recommend and use two sites which have had great success in finding high quality images from contributors around the globe.

FREE stock images are an effective method for adding visual content to your business animation without additional costs. These libraries don’t always have the exact shot you may require but it is a good starting point. Take note of the photographers license agreement and the sites policy before considering using it in your animated video.

Pexels is a completely free stock photo and video website which provides a rich source of visuals or film footage that can be downloaded and used in business animations.

Pexels help millions of designers, animators, artists and other creators to have access to beautiful photos and videos that they can use freely which empowers them to create amazing products, designs, stories and other work. Pexels call this: “Empowering Creators”

Unsplash is a website dedicated to sharing stock photography  under the Unsplash license. The website claims an impressive 265,000  plus contributing photographers and their library has over 3.48 million photos.

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