Studio Mitchell’s Fantastical World of 3D Animation Production!

Welcome to the magic carpet ride of our animation services! If you’re a newcomer to the world of 3D CGI animation, fear not. We’re here to take you on a joyous journey of what our studio production involves and how you can use animation to dazzle and delight.

Our Fantabulous Software Toolbox

Studio Mitchell work with a variety of professional video production software packages

Studio Mitchell isn’t just an animation studio, it’s a wonderland of professional video production tools, including the full Adobe Suite. Our main magic wand for 3D is Maxon Cinema 4D. With over 25 years of enchanting experience, we’ve conjured animations and visualisations for giants like Tannoy, Carlsberg, and Bayer. But don’t fret, our magical powers aren’t limited to large corporations, even start-ups and small businesses can avail of our services at affordable rates.

Ready to dive into the wonderful world of 3D animation? Let’s go!


A 3D animated film / movie promotes communication in a much more memorable and immersive way for the viewer. 

Imagine stepping into a captivating world that communicates with you in a memorable, immersive way. That’s the magic of a 3D animated film! Unlike traditional stop-motion techniques, 3D animation breathes life into objects using computer graphics (CGI). These virtual artifacts are crafted and manipulated with 3D modeling software (Maxon C4D), offering an affordable, efficient way to tell your story.

In our Studio Mitchell wonderland, the journey of 3D animation production starts with a storyboard – your blueprint for the animation. Following this, we move on to the exciting stages of 3D modeling, rigging, and animation. Let’s break these down.

1. Script and Storyboard

The script is your treasure map that guides your animation’s direction. Together, we’ll break it into scenes and shots. Your story is the key to the magic chest of a successful video. The storyboard, on the other hand, is your magic crystal ball, revealing how the story flows and helping you spot potential hurdles before they cost you time and money.

2. 3D product modeling

This is where we use our magic to conjure a 3D representation of your product, manipulating polygons, edges, and vertices in a 3D space. Depending on the complexity and budget, we might even pick models right off the magical shelves of 3D model suppliers.


3. 3D Product Rigging

Rigging is like creating a puppet’s strings for the 3D objects. Whether it’s a cartoony character or a vehicle, rigging lets our animators control the object’s movements precisely in a scene.

3D Animation Production

4. Texturing a 3D model

Like adding the perfect dress to your puppet, texturing involves giving color and texture to your 3D model. We can use 2D images wrapped onto the model, create realistic textures using Photoshop, or craft individual textures for each model element.

5. Voice over & Music

The magical touch of voice overs narrates your story, while music adds the sparkle that enchants viewers. We work with professional artists like Sophie Hein Schrier and Oli Hein, and offer access to a royalty-free range of music.

Sophie Voice Over Sample

Oli Voice Over Sample

6. 3D Product Animation

The grand finale! This is where we animate your 3D models using specialised software, camera techniques, and a sprinkle of our Studio Mitchell magic. The result? A captivating, visually stunning animation that brings your product to life!


A 3D animated film / movie promotes communication in a much more memorable and immersive way for the viewer. 

Visually represent abstract ideas

Promotes increased customer conversion

Grows brand recall and recognition

Demonstrates complexed product functions easily

Cost effective and time efficient

Huge distribution potential through social media and web

3D Engineering and Manufacturing animation

Here at Studio Mitchell, we have an impressive backstory of partnering with manufacturing clients. This industry, having already embraced 3D modeling, finds our services to be a perfect match. In many cases, engineers come to us with working models that we can turn into high-quality animations and lifelike visuals. This collaborative approach can be a real game-changer, often reducing production costs by eliminating modeling expenses.

Imagine the magic we worked on an offshore wind turbine farm animation! There was no need for costly on-site filming or dealing with unpredictable weather. We created the animation before the wind farm even existed! This is the power of 3D media – it gives our clients the freedom to customise and tweak their product design, offering a speedy route to market with a digital-first approach.

More Magical Realms We Conquer

3D Character animation for film, TV and gaming

Everyone loves 3D cartoons like those created by Disney’s Pixar, right? As this medium expands its roots deeper into entertainment, 3D animated content is becoming the norm in the TV and gaming industry. At Studio Mitchell, we’ve crafted several characters for our business clients, such as the UNIPER health and safety cone character and the Reckitt Benckiser¬†Durex Christmas reindeer.

Uniper Engineering character animation. A 3D explainer video demonstrating personnels PPE to staff on site by Studio Mitchell

3D Educational Animation

Dry subject matter is no match for the power of 3D animated content! It’s a fantastic way to engage students in learning new processes or ideas. Students, being already familiar with 3D content from games and television, find this medium a more palatable way of learning. Subjects like Sciences and Maths have already harnessed the power of animation effectively.

3D Medical Animation

With the precision and photorealism of 3D content, medical animation brings to life what was previously only imagined. We’re talking about detailed 3D films of the human body that guide viewers through complex processes in an unprecedented way. Studio Mitchell has notable medical visualisation experience, having worked with ZeClinics on their groundbreaking gene-splicing¬†scientific work.

Product 3D animation 

The business applications for 3D animated content are vast. Clients may use 3D animations in business presentations to display their products in the most appealing way, especially when there is no prototype available. Marketers can exploit the 3D media when their product requires a detailed explanation.

Architectural animation in 3D

Architects were early adopters of 3D, and at Studio Mitchell, we’ve worked closely with them to produce stunning photorealistic 3D interior and exterior media. Before the first brick is laid, we bring the building to life!

Advertising with 3D animation

Animation in advertising is pure magic! With its strong element of creative visualisation, 3D animation can craft compelling commercials that engage the audience, encouraging them to make a purchase. These animated commercials can be used across various platforms, including social media and more.

Utilising 3D in Retail

The retail industry gains significantly from animated videos. Marketers use animations to showcase product attributes clearly to their customers. Especially when products are complex or hard to photograph, 3D animations solve the issue and demonstrate the product features with ease.

Studio Mitchell's Treasure Trove: A Journey Through Our 3D Animated Film Archive
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