Revolutionising 3D Animation with LiDAR Technology

In the realm of 3D animation, technological advancements are ceaselessly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. One such innovative leap was the introduction of the LiDAR scanner in the iPad Pro and iPhone 12 series onwards. This powerful tool opens up a world of potential for creating high-resolution 3D models, right from your device.

The LiDAR technology is adept at crafting 3D scans of moderately large objects, capturing impressive texture and detail through its unique combination of camera systems and sensors. However, the magic truly unfolds when you team it up with 3D scanning apps.

To demonstrate, we conducted an experiment with a small figurine of a cherub. With the 3D Scanner app, we managed to capture, edit, and create a 3D model of the cherub, with striking detail visible in the finalised image. The process was simple, fast, and the results, impressive.

However, LiDAR technology and the 3D Scanner app aren’t just about creating visually stunning models. They are also about enabling businesses to reimagine their products and services. This is where Studio Mitchell comes in.

Studio Mitchell is a leading 3D Animation studio, renowned for its high-quality animation and visualisation services. We leverage technology like LiDAR and apps like the 3D Scanner app to create immersive, engaging experiences for our clients. Whether you’re looking to create a 3D product showcase, architectural modeling, or gaming avatars, our team of experienced animators can bring your vision to life.

In an era where digital experiences are increasingly shaping our perceptions, the ability to provide a 3D perspective can be a game-changer. And with the power of LiDAR technology and 3D scanning apps at your fingertips, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

If you’re interested in exploring how 3D animation and visualisation can revolutionise your business, reach out to Studio Mitchell. Let’s create a 3D world that leaves a lasting impression.

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